Katelyn Teager

Head Coach/Programmer
Katelyn Teager


  • - CrossFit Level 2 Certified 
  • - BS in Dietetics 


Katelyn Teager has been involved in CrossFit for 8 consecutive years.  She began her career competitively and professionally at CrossFit Omaha where she completed a year long internship and gained valuable knowledge and experience.   She has been with CrossFit Papio since opening in 2014 and has led CrossFit Papio as their head coach and head of programming.


Being a competitor has been a huge part of Katelyn’s life and she continues to challenge herself physically and mentally.  However, she value’s overall health above competing, and it brings her joy to share her knowledge of fitness and nutrition with CFP members and clients.

Katelyn and her husband, Bryce share 4 kids together and enjoy hiking, herb walks, gardening, camping, traveling and the outdoors in their free time.  They are always up for an adventure and they are always looking to improve their health physically, mentally, and spiritually.



- Nutrition Consultant at Teager Nutrition 2015-present  - Gymnastics coach 2012-present  -2014, 2016, 2017 Individual CrossFit Regional Competitor in the Central Region  - 2013 CrossFit Team NorthCentral Regionals  - 2012 NCAA Gymnastics National Competitor for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln - 4 years of collegiate Gymnastics  - Level 10 USAG gymnast for 4 years

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