Courtney McIvor

Courtney McIvor


  • CrossFit Level 1


I have been active since I was little; always eager to try a new sport, whether it was soccer, lacrosse or horseback riding. After high school, I got into a lull with my active lifestyle and missed being a part of team or fitness community. I learned that working out alone is not fun. Fast forward a few years, a group of people at my church had been doing CrossFit. I was a bit unsure about it because it seemed intense and I had been inactive for quite some time; but I was ready to try something new and start taking care of my body again.


I did a free trial at CrossFit Papio in August 2016 and immediately was hooked. Being able to get my workout in with a coach guiding me and a community of people behind me, has changed my outlook on fitness and health. It’s more fun to sweat together than alone. The community is what kept me coming back and the ideology of CrossFit (“constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”) has kept me motivated to strive to be better every day.


One of my favorite things about CrossFit is that it is scalable to everyone. I was able to attend CrossFit classes through both my pregnancies, due to my coach’s knowledge and guidance in how to cater each movement to fit my needs. This ultimately lead me to take my Level 1 course in August of 2023 and pursue coaching at CrossFit Papio to celebrate my seven year CrossFit anniversary. I love CrossFit and love what it has done in my life. As a coach, I want people to enjoy their hour at CFP, getting a good workout in while it not feeling like a chore.

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