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Warm-up (No Measure)

7 minute jog general warm up:


-side shuffle inside

-side shuffle outside

-high knees

-butt kicks

-kareoke inside

-kareoke outside


-lunge walks

-bear crawl

-inch worms

Grab light weight DB (4 Rows facing clock)

-10x single arm DLs each side

5x single arm presses each side

-10x hanging Shrugs

-10x Hanging Circles each way

-5x SA Hang Clean each arm

-5x SA Push Jerks each arm

-5x SA Clean and Jerks (from Floor)

-10x Hollow/Arch Swings

-5x Quick V-Ups on floor (focusing on FAST Hip Flexion for T2B)

-5x Toes to Bar or Attempts


Metcon (Time)


2 Rounds For Time:

40 Single Arm Clean and Jerks (switch arms every 10reps) 50/35lb

40 Toes to Bar


2 Rounds For Time:

30 Single Arm Clean and Jerks (switch arms every 5reps) 45/30lb

30 Toes to Bar


2 Rounds for Time:

30 Single Arm Clean and Jerks (switch arms every 5 reps) 35/20lb

30 Toes to Bar ATTEMPTS (swing legs as high as possible)

*12 minute cap

Core & Mobility

4x 2 min Core (No Measure)

2 minute each: :30s rest between each

-Table Lifts

– Hollow Hold Flutter Kick

– Bicycle Crunches

– weighted Plank on Elbows

with 45/35lb plate
*optional single Leg table lifts (1 min ea leg)

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