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400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run
3x MAx Effort on a 6 min clock

400 meter Lunge Walk (Time)

Scale to 300 Or 200

*16 min time cap

CFP Core Challenge (with cool down stretching) (No Measure)

30 Supine Hip Lifts

30 Supine Leg Raises

30 Supine L-Crunches

30 Walking V-Ups

30 Tuck Ups

30 Superman Lifts

30s Superman Hold

30s Hollow Hold

2 Minute Weighted Plank 35/25lb


30s Dragon arms OH

30s 1/2 front split

30s Lizard

30s Single Leg Fwd Fold

30s Butterfly

30s Bow Pose

30s Plow Pose

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