So you’ve heard about CrossFit and the Baboon Nation from a friend, relative or co-worker and you you’re still not sure what it is.  But you’re interested…BUT…it might be a little early to commit.  Let us show you our approach to overall fitness…for FREE!  Come and get a taste of what a CrossFit workout is actually like.  The class is free and you are able to come whenever you would like.  We want to give you a glimpse inside our training methodologies in a fun and positive environment.  Whether you are in tiptop shape or haven’t worked out in years, we can scale the workouts to your fitness levels.  That means the workout will be as hard as you make it.  Our coaches will instruct and help you stay true to form during the workout.  Just fill out the waiver form and make sure to get all the information you need from us before coming. What do you have to lose?  More importantly, what can you gain?  Get in here!  3-2-1-GO!