Why Papio Bootcamp?

CrossFit Papio’s Bootcamp offers a less intimidating option to our current CrossFit Classes.

We will get you moving safely and effectively to ensure that you feel comfortable at the intensity you desire.

This 6 week class will consist of, technique focused work, flexibility, body weight movements, medicine balls, kettlebells, intro to gymnastics body shapes and core work, rowing, airdyne, running, and light or barbell only lifts.

It is perfect for anyone who currently is bored or stuck in their current workout regiment. Our coaches are educated in functional movement and will take the class through movement drills and modify options for all movements.

What to Expect in Bootcamp

18 Coach Led Workouts and 6 Fat Melting Workouts

Incredible Group Atmosphere Keeps You Motivated

Run our Proven Playbook For Guaranteed Results

The Tools you Need to Improve Lifestyle, Health, and Fitness

Success Journal to Track Your Journey

Private Facebook Support Group

Shed Fat and Inches with Flexible Eating

Proven Goal Setting Strategies. Real Results

Bootcamp Details:

Price: 6 week sessions for a cost of $150
Time: Mon-Wed-Fri at 6pm or Mon-Wed-Fri at 10am